Prodigal of the Pecos
A Novel by C. E. Edmonson
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Prodigal of the Pecos Book Cover
Clint Cooper returns home after many years to find the land of his birth embroiled in a bitter and deadly land war. An Eastern powerbroker, bent on fencing off the West Texas range for his own profit, hires gunslingers to bully the local ranchers and farmers into submission. As the Pecos River runs red with the blood of the innocent, Clint emerges to make a stand, determined to keep his faith and his family intact—or die trying.
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“Smartly written, historically compelling…. A brilliant character study nested in an epic backdrop of the Old West.”


“A convincing combination of wit and grit—the stuff of which the Old West was made!”


““Prodigal of the Pecos” is a good old-fashioned story with a good old-fashioned hero – I loved it!”

–RUSSELL JOHNSON, Veteran actor and co-star of the classic western movie “Law and Order” with Ronald Reagan

“C.E. Edmonson’s “Prodigal of the Pecos” is truly “Top Gun!””

–HUGH O’BRIAN, Veteran actor, and star of the top-rated western series “Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp” on ABC television

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Reader Views - Reviewer's Choice Award 2009Creative Arts Council Grand Prize 2009

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