Peacemaker of the Pecos
A Novel by C. E. Edmonson
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Peacemaker of the Pecos Book Cover
William Hart is a family man with a hidden past. When a greedy and ruthless land baron hires gunmen to murder the town sheriff and take over the county, Will embarks on a mission for justice—a mission that could cost him more than his life. From the West Texas frontier in the 1870s, this is a story of courage, friendship and family love.
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“Peacemaker of the Pecos is a classic western, and C.E. Edmonson has done an excellent job in telling this tale. The story is well written and well edited. If you enjoy true-to-life westerns, you will enjoy this novel.”


“A former gunslinger must revisit his past to save his family. Edmonson treads well-traveled territory in this Western thriller, but he knows it well, and he’s put together an engrossing tale, led by an engaging and sympathetic protagonist. All-in-all, an enjoyable ride.”


“The Old West is full of compelling stories of heroes and villains, and C.E. Edmonson brings us a great one with Peacemaker of the Pecos.”

Veteran actor and co-star of the classic western movie
“Law and Order” with Ronald Reagan

“A masterful and fast-paced saga that keeps you on the toes of your boots!”


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Reader Views - Reviewer's Choice Award 2008

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